Terms and Conditions

Welcome to Our terms and conditions, which have been written to ensure that You get the unique, elegant, and truly memorable service that We promise to all of Our Clients.

Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully, making sure that You fully understand them. They explain how Imperial Wedding Cars (IWC) will provide the services to You, how any changes can be made by either party, how to end the contract, what to do if there is a problem, and other important information.

By using Imperial Wedding Cars (IWC) to provide your vehicle hire You agree to be bound by these Terms and Condition. If there are any Terms or Conditions that You do not fully understand please do not hesitate to contact IWC via email at enquiries@imperialweddingcars.co.uk or via Our Contact Us page.

  1. Definitions
    1. You, Your, The Client, The Clients, The Hirer, The Hirers. Refer to the person/s making the booking who enter into a Contract direct with Imperial Wedding Cars.
    2. Imperial Wedding Cars, IWC, The Company, We, Us, Our. Refer to Imperial Wedding Cars Ltd, the company directors and/ or Employees.
    3. The Booking Price. The booking price is the agreed amount to be paid by the Client to Imperial Wedding Cars, as documented for the services in the agreement.
    4. The Agreement. The Agreement documents the full arrangements and itinerary for your booking, as provided in the quote, in addition to the Terms and Conditions.
    5. Hire, Service. Refer to the package, as documented in the Agreement, that Imperial Wedding Cars will provide to the Client.
  2. Packages and Services
    1. All of Our Packages can be customised to meet the unique requirements of the Client and will be fully documented in the Agreement.
    2. The price of the chosen Package will be amended to reflect any customised options selected by the Client.
    3. Where the Client has chosen the “1st Anniversary” option, this is limited to a 2-hour booking from the time of leaving and returning to our garage facility, with maximum of 50 miles round trip. If the Client wishes to extend the duration and/ or mileage, a revised price will be provided.
  3. Quotes and Booking
    1. We will provide a full quote to the Client within 3 days (Monday – Friday), following our initial meeting with the Client to discuss their requirements.
    2. The Client will be required to provide the information requested by IWC to enable the arrangement of our services. It is important this information is true and accurate, as it will be used by IWC to provide a quotation for the services.
    3. The cost will be dependent on the distance of the journey from the designated pick-up address to the ceremony venue and any onward journey to the reception venue and addition the overall duration of the service being delivered.
    4. Quotes are valid for 6-weeks from the original date submitted to the Client from IWC and can be amended by either party at any time during this period. All amendments will be discussed and agreed by the Client and IWC and an updated agreement issued.
    5. After the quote has been agreed by the Client, it will be used to create the Agreement. The acceptance of the Agreement by IWC, which must be signed by the Client within 7 days of issue, and the non-refundable deposit payment (T&C 4.2) will secure the Client’s booking. We will confirm receipt of the deposit and booking by sending an e-mail to the Client, which will form the basis of the Contract between the Client and Imperial Wedding Cars.
    6. By returning the signed Agreement to Us, the Client will be deemed to have read, agreed and accepted these Terms and Conditions.
    7. In the unlikely event a quote has been incorrectly calculated by IWC due to human error and a booking has been made, this may be corrected provided We have sent notification of the error to the Client within 14 days of them making their booking. The Client may then either accept the corrected quote or cancel their booking and receive a full refund of all monies paid.
    8. If the Client requests changes to the Agreement after paying their deposit (T&C 4.2), we will, where reasonably practicable, accommodate these changes up to 28 days before the date of Hire and provide an updated Agreement to the Client. Requests from the Client received after this date may not be possible to accommodate and the Client will remain liable for paying the full balance as document in the extant Agreement.
    9. If the Client requests changes to the Agreement after paying their deposit (T&C 4.2), we will, where reasonably practicable, accommodate these changes up to 28 days before the date of Hire and provide an updated Agreement to the Client. Requests from the Client received after this date may not be possible to accommodate and the Client will remain liable for paying the full balance as document in the extant Agreement.
  4. Payments
    1. All payments are to be made by the Client to IWC via online bank transfer using the bank account details provided by IWC to the Client.
    2. A non-refundable deposit of £100 per vehicle is required is to secure the vehicle(s) for the agreed hire date. The deposit is to be paid at the time of signing the Agreement to secure the booking (T&C 3.5).
    3. In making the payment of the required deposit the Client is accepting these Terms and Conditions.
    4. Once the booking is confirmed, IWC will offer the Client the option of a monthly payment plan, subject to T&C 4.5.
    5. Any outstanding balance is required to be paid a minimum of 8 weeks before the Hire date. If the full payment has not been received by that date, the Company will consider the Client to be in breach of these Terms and Conditions and will consider the termination of the Contract. This will be communicated in writing to the Client and any monies paid will not be refunded.
    6. If the Client is making a booking for a wedding within 4 weeks of Our initial meeting with Them, the full payment is required to secure the booking.
    7. If the Client cancels their booking within 8 weeks of the Hire date, they will remain liable to pay the outstanding balance.
  5. Itinerary
    1. A full itinerary of the Services to be provided by IWC and will be confirmed with the Client 1 week before the Hire date.
    2. The Client will be provided with the name and mobile telephone number of Their Chauffeur(s) for contact on the day of their wedding.
    3. The Chauffeur will choose the best route to be taken on the journey, based on their experience, and knowledge of the local area, and use of Satellite Navigation systems unless specified and agreed at time of booking.
    4. Minor changes (e.g. timings +/-30 minutes, ribbon colour) can be accepted up to 7 days prior to the Hire date and will incur no extra charge. See T&C 3.8 for all other changes to a booking.
    5. The Client is responsible for ensuring that there is adequate access and space for manoeuvring the vehicle(s) at all locations in the Agreement. If at any point the Chauffeur feels that access is restricted in any way they will then stop at the nearest legal and safe available space, regardless of distance.
    6. The Chauffeur has the right to refuse to travel on any surface that they feel may cause damage to the vehicle(s). If Our vehicle(s) will be required to travel on an unmade road or uneven road surface, the Client is to inform Us at the time of booking.
    7. The Chauffeur will exit the vehicle(s) at the pick-up address on the Agreement to come and announce to the Client that the transport has arrived. If the pick-up address is from a hotel, the Client is to make themselves, and others in Their party, available at the agreed time. The Chauffeur will make their presence known to the hotel reception staff and provide them with details of who to be collected. If after an adequate period of waiting (no more than 1 hour) at the hotel, We are unable to locate the passengers and they have not made themselves known to the Chauffeur, the vehicle(s) will leave. Claims for refunds or compensation will not be accepted.
    8. The Client must inform the Company of any change in their address(es) or contact details.
  6. Vehicle availability, Passenger safety, Losses and Damages
    1. The Hire of a particular vehicle is subject to its availability on the Hire date. If the Company is unable to provide the vehicle(s) requested, the Client will be informed by e-mail or telephone. The Company strongly advises the Client to obtain adequate insurance to cover any incidents, which cause the Company to be unable to provide the Service, due to circumstances outside the control of the Company.
    2. If the Company is unable to provide the designated vehicle on the Hire date due to unforeseen circumstances, such as theft, breakdown, damage etc, which cannot be rectified before the Hire date, the Company will inform the Client in advance. The Company will give the Client the option to choose an alternative vehicle, if available. Alternatively, the Client may choose a full refund, which will result in the Contract being terminated.
    3. In the very rare event that a mechanical failure, breakdown, or Road Traffic Collision, involving the hired vehicle(s) takes place on the date of Hire, the Company will make every possible effort to secure alternative transport. In the unlikely event of a delay, leading to a missed Ceremony, the Client will be offered a full refund, including return of the deposit.
    4. If there is a mechanical failure, breakdown, or Road Traffic Collision involving the vehicle(s), which prevents any member of the Client’s party reaching the Reception venue, then a refund will be offered by the Company. This will be dependent on the proportion of the journey that has been missed, whether alternative transport can be arranged, and taking account of any missed photographic opportunities. The refund will also be dependent on which members of the party were affected. The Company strongly advises the Client to secure appropriate Insurance cover for such an eventuality. The decision to offer a refund, and the value of any refund, will be the sole responsibility of the Company’s Directors.
    5. The Company is not responsible for any delays caused by circumstances outside the Company’s control. This includes, for example, but is not exclusive to, road closures or traffic delays, industrial action, civil unrest, force majeure, or impact caused by severe weather.
    6. Due to the age of the vehicles not all cars have seatbelts fitted. Passengers will travel at their own risk. If vehicles are fitted with seatbelts these must be worn by all passengers as required by Law. The Chauffeur will politely request Passengers to wear their seatbelts. If they refuse to wear the seatbelt the Chauffeur will not proceed on the journey. Should a Passenger under the age of four be required to be transported, the Client must ensure an appropriate Car-Seat is provided, and fitted, by the Parent or Guardian. Children aged between four and twelve should also use a suitable Car-Seat, fitted by a Parent, or Guardian. The Chauffeur will not be responsible for fitting Car-Seat(s). IWC are not responsible for the risk of any child seat fitted in a vehicle that has no seatbelts. This remains the responsibility of the Parent or Guardian.
    7. The decision on whether or not it is safe for the roof on the Beauford-3 to be lowered will be at the discretion of the Chauffeur on the date of Hire.
    8. The Client will be responsible for the conduct of all passengers during the period of Hire, and the Company reserves the right to invoice, or make a charge to the Client, for any loss, or damage, sustained to any part of the Hired Vehicle(s), supplied by the Company, caused by any Passenger, or a Third Party incited to cause damage to the vehicle. A minimum charge of £150 will be applied to cover the cost of valeting the vehicle should fouling be caused by any Passenger through food, drink or illness.
    9. UK Law prohibits smoking in the vehicle(s). No food or drink will be allowed in the vehicle(s), unless expressly approved by the Chauffeur and purchased as one of the packages /additional extras through IWC. Anyone thought to intoxicated by alcohol will not be allowed into the vehicle.
    10. It is the responsibility of each Passenger to ensure their clothing does not come into contact with areas on the vehicle(s) that naturally could produce dirt or grease such as the tyres, exhaust pipes, door shuts/ hinges /steps etc.
    11. The Company will not be held liable for damage to clothing or injury to persons caused by spillage, airborne corks or glass breakage, associated with refreshments served the Company.
    12. The Company will not be held liable for soiled or damaged clothing.
    13. All passengers are to take appropriate action to prevent against damage or loss of their personal belongings. It is each Passenger’s responsibility to ensure that all personal items are removed from the vehicle(s) at the end of the Hire period. The vehicle(s) once left the final venue in the Agreement will not return with left items. Any item found in the vehicle(s) will be held for 14 days from the date of Hire and it will be the responsibility of the Client to arrange collection of such items. Valuables should not be left in the vehicle(s) at any time during the Hire period. We take no responsibility for personal belongings or clothing that may become damaged or lost.
  7. Cancellation and Refund
    1. Under the Consumer Contracts Regulations the Client has 14 Calendar Days (starting the day after the Agreement is signed) to cancel the Contract for the Services provided by Us under the Cooling-Off period. Cancellations are to be requested by email to enquiries@imperialweddingcars.co.uk. The Client will receive a full refund if They cancel within the Cooling-Off period unless the Service by Us has already been delivered.
    2. If the Client cancels Their booking within 6 months of the Hire date, then They may be liable to pay the full amount, unless there are exceptional circumstances, such as bereavement of a close family member, or serious illness, or National Pandemic. However, We will endeavour to resell the vehicle(s) booked and, if successful, we will offer a complete refund less the £100 non-refundable deposit per vehicle. The decision on whether a refund will be offered, and the value of any refund, will be made solely by the Imperial Wedding Cars Company Directors.
    3. If the Client cancels Their booking within 28 days of the Hire date, they will remain liable to pay the outstanding balance.
    4. A complete refund, less the non-refundable deposit of £100 per vehicle, will be offered for cancellations made greater than 6 months before the Hire date.
  8. Contractual responsibilities
    1. We cannot be held responsible for any unforeseen circumstances that occur during the period of Hire.
    2. The Company will not tolerate any violence, foul language, intimidation, or any form of antisocial behaviour, towards the Chauffeur, or any other member of the Company, and will result in the termination of the Contract. Where appropriate the Police will be informed, and any prosecution will be supported by the Company. Any claim or compensation will not be accepted and our decision will be final.
    3. We will have the right to refuse entry into any vehicle under Our control to any person who is, or appears to be, under the influence of alcohol or illegal substances or carrying offensive weapons.
    4. If any Term or Condition is found to be invalid due to any regulation or law the remainder of the Terms and Conditions in the Agreement will not be invalid as they shall be separated from the invalid Term or Condition and shall therefore not impair the validity of those remaining Terms and Conditions.
    5. All material on this website is protected by copyright with all rights reserved.
    6. Our Terms and Conditions are in place for Your and Our protection. We reserve the right to amend any of these at any time and will inform the Client of any confirmed bookings should amendments be made.
  9. Complaints
    1. In the unlikely event that You should have cause for complaint, any issues must be made in writing within 7 days identifying the issue to enquiries@imperialweddingcars.co.uk. Our investigations will establish its validity and, if necessary, an independent assessment will be made. If it is found that We have been at fault in not supplying the Service that You have asked us to provide, then a refund may be applicable (excluding the non-refundable deposit of £100 per vehicle). All refunds will be made on an individual basis and any refund will be made appropriate to the nature of the complaint.
  10. Confidentiality
    1. The Company will ensure total discretion for the Client and will not discuss who travelled with them, where, or with whom, unless authorised by the Client.
    2. The Company may use Photography for Company promotional purposes and, therefore, unless formally instructed to the contrary, may take Photographs of the Vehicle(s) and publish them on the Company Website, or in Company promotional literature. If the Client does not wish the Company to use their wedding images, they should make the Company aware prior to the Hire date.
    3. The Client is responsible for reading the Company’s Privacy Statement.

If you have any questions or concerns about these terms and conditions, please contact us at enquiries@imperialweddingcars.co.uk.